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Unique Handwoven Scarf made from Alpaca and Merino Wool

Unique Handwoven Scarf made from Alpaca and Merino Wool 161202027

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Dimension 188 cm x 25 cm

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Product Description



Woolen scarf in brown-white colour is one of the many pieces from our collection of scarves which you will enjoy wherever you are. It is handwoven, made of high quality Italian yarn, with extremely interesting patterns in weaving. It is ideal for both autumn and winter days.

This scarf is unique, extremely soft and gentle, and will warm you up. Tassels on the scarf are additionally hand-made. Woolen scarf in brown-white colour can be ordered via our website. We deliver worldwide via DHL.

This scarf is certainly original and authentic as a gift.

• 100% hand-made – hand-weaving on a horizontal loom
• Composition: Alpaca, Merino wool, Polyamide, Polyacrilate, Cashmere
• Hand-twisted fringes
• 12 hours of hand-weaving

Avantgarde Scarf Collection

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  • Alpaca 50%
  • Mohair 5%
  • Cashmere 10%
  • Viscose 5%
  • Polyamide 5%
  • Polyacrylate 5%
  • Merino Wool

Techniques of making


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Iron at medium temperature.
Do not bleach.
Professional dry cleaning using tetrachloroethylene hydrocarbon solvent (naphtha).